It’s Monday. I had a good time this weekend, went out with friends on Friday and Saturday, celebrated my friend’s new job (!!!) and watched some talented guys play in their band. Of course now though I feel like it would have been a good idea to get myself some exercise and to step back and look at my writing. Instead, I wrote this morning and a little on my lunch break, and am planning a gym run after work. Today got hectic though, for my office, and it was hard to feel in the writing zone very much.

I am a morning writer, by the by. I should probably start waking up earlier so I can write more before work. Sometimes, after a writing day like today, I would try to get a hold of my brother so I could talk his ear off and get feedback from him, but that’s part of what this blog is for. So that I don’t need to do that unless it’s really necessary. Summation: today was an ok writing day.

Problems: after creating a more complete world I still haven’t edited some chapters to properly reflect the rules that I have created.

A perspective that I added and that I’ve given two chapters so far I don’t write thoroughly. For now, I just tell myself I’ll be able to fill those chapters in better after I get more of the story onto the page. That, or I’m being lazy.

Today I wrote a one page overview of the perspective mentioned above and then I wrote five pages of a chapter that’s being re-written for the third time.  I’m trying to push through the opening of my book but it’s been a little more difficult than I would have hoped. Probably because the part of the story that inspired me won’t begin until the first act is over, which will happen somewhere between page 80 and 100. I’m 2 or 3 chapters away and it feels like a lot.

Part of the issue with Chapter 7-the five pages I wrote today- is its tone, or mix of tones. I am trying to pin down the level of humor mixed with the right level of creepiness and scariness. Every now and then I like to print a story out and look at it on the page, instead of on the computer and I may need to do that pretty soon.

Good Things: The science has come along. I’ve done research and I’ve had some helpful conversations/emails with science-minded friends where they guided me through my imagination into a place of real possibility. I basically had to explain what I wanted to do and they would say back, “Well, what you’re describing sounds a little like this and this would make sense because…” It was fun, brainstorming, working through concepts. But, I’m still left with a lot of questions. I’ll definitely be bugging said science-y friends again.

I think I improved one early chapter the other day but today’s re-working of Chapter 7 has left me less than enthused. I’m also unsure if I hit the right note with an action scene in chapter 5. Part of me knows I need to let it sit for a little and then go back and re-read it.

I think a good plan is to print it out and see if I can finish meshing the more complete world I’ve been working on with the earlier passages I  wrote. It’s hard to feel stuck in a particular spot in a story. I want to bridge my opening with the rest of the plotline in a way that will one day seem effortless. One day, just not today.


2 responses to “Mondays

  1. like the posts so far, I look forward to reading more and hoping to learn from your experiences!! take care,
    Nat xx

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