A Quick Side Note!

First, I’ve been in my office all day. I wonder if the sun’s out.

Also, I think I blogged more today than I worked on my story. Oh well.

And finally, my last post got somewhat specific with writing rules and all and it’s made me a little uneasy. What I want to say is that rules are made to be broken but also that it’s a  good idea to get a feel for as many “rules” as possible before the breaking begins.

That’s all. After work I’m off to print my story and to try to take a look at it with fresh editing eyes before I continue onward. A tout a l’heure! (Later!)


One response to “A Quick Side Note!

  1. I love your writing rules. They help guide you as a writer, and help readers get a feel for what you go through. I love it.

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