The First Draft of Anything is Sh*t

So I’ve been reading through my story thus far in printed form. It’s always nice to get the words off the screen. After a read through I’ve come up with a lot of questions and few answers, but it’s better than nothing because before I didn’t even know what the questions should be.

I had one minor break through with an issue that I was beginning to think was “unfixable.” I sat at my desk for a while and tried to come up with an answer to this bothersome plot hole. I couldn’t think of any noteworthy solutions so I went back to reading and a few pages later, it popped into my head, just like that, there’s your possible answer. So that’s good. 

I just know that I have a lot of work to do.  Sometimes writing is effortless and easy and other times it feels like a big chore. When it starts to feel like the latter, however, it usually means I need to stop over thinking and just keep working because getting the first draft down on the page in its entirety is a good chunk of the battle.

And as Ernest Hemingway says, “The first draft of anything is shit” anyway. I find that quote  comforting and somewhat annoying.

And still, I am working hard to fuse all my concepts together, but sadly, one may have to die out. Oh, and I wrote about a page again today.


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