Light at the End (of the last week)

So I had to make some tough choices, which I’m almost done with. I spent some time this morning  moving past the seventh chapter in my outline and it’s been quite fun so far. I feel like I can dive back into the story and stop over-analyzing it, which is great.  To sum up, I’m using my notecards as a guide to fill in the more detailed outline. I’m looking forward to getting the whole story down in this way.

Also, I am almost done with Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Thank Goodness. I was supposed to have read this book a while ago and I read half and then moved on to another book. I’ll probably talk about it when I’m done with it. It’s a great read and I am finally getting to the twists that are really bringing the rest of the book to life.

One final note, I am going to be guest blogging for my friend’s “love” blog. This will be a fun side step to all of the writing I usually do. Maybe one day I’ll reflect on relationships and writing, but not today.


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