23 Chapters

I finished the second draft of my outline and currently have 23 chapters. I still need to smooth out a couple of chapters, perhaps leave room for a couple more,  and  add in little events and moments that I have in my head, but I have successfully gotten my story arc down onto paper. It seems like something I should be celebrating, but I don’t quite feel that way. I’m pretty sure that once I decide that yes, I am happy with my story and I am ready to put the outline down and just write, I will then feel like celebrating.

Things will be changing and I can’t plan for everything, I know this. I still though am deciding on my story’s tone and how much of a stand-alone piece it is supposed to be. It looks like yes, in some ways, it could be part of a series, but in other ways it is its own story, meant to be its own story. I’m not sure how I feel about all of that. I definitely want to write something that can stand on its own. I also want to write in a tone that I like and I’ve definitely gotten myself closer to that, but I still have questions.  

Perhaps I’m being too cautious. I’m not sure. I think though that getting a few opinions on a well-thought-out outline can only do good. That will be my next step.

I’ve also been thinking about what future projects of mine will look like. I won’t always be writing for the same audience. At least, that’s how I feel now. I hope this won’t be a problem. In my estimation, you should write what you feel you’re meant to write and just go with it. I hope that’s a good plan.

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