23 Chapters-Update

Just noting that today I read through a printed-out copy of my chapter outline and took notes on it. I have a lot of comments, which will help me when I sit down and revise my outline once more. After this next revision I’m reasonably confident that it will be ready for another round of feedback.

Also, in an effort to understand what market I’m writing for I looked up science fiction titles that gear towards a younger audience. I tried to make a list of works that somehow seem related to the kind of book I’m working on. I probably need to read these now, but if anyone has any to add or recommend, let me know!


-The Hunger Games


-Maximum Ride

-Harry Potter (I know, I know, I am going to read this asap)

-Ender’s Game (read)

I really can’t say how much these books will actually reflect on my story until I read them, but being able to fit my book into a specific market will be important. Ergo, I need to learn more about possible prospective markets.

If I could deconstruct my book into works already produced (and be generous to myself) I would say it’s kind of like Edward Scissorhands meets the Matrix (with a little Stepford Wives and  1984/Harrison Bergeron) and  with a young protagonist/school environment added in (think Harry Potter/Ender’s Game)–if that helps anyone come up with more modern titles I should look into!


2 responses to “23 Chapters-Update

  1. I loved the Hunger Games and definitely think you should read it. Also, after seeing that comparison I am desperate to read your book when it’s finished!

  2. Thanks Cor! And trust me, with your expertise in fiction, especially YA, I will absolutely be asking you for feedback, probably when I have a proposal put together!

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