Chapter Outline Revision Complete…For Now

I know it’s been a few days since my last post. I wanted to update, but it would have looked something like this:

I edited a couple paragraphs. All of my notes on my printed-out outline look overwhelming.

So I waited until I had completed the task so I would have more to write about.  My chapter outline now has 24 chapters and is 30 double spaced pages. Is it done yet? No, not really. It is in the right shape for some feedback though. I’ve emailed it to my brother and one friend. After their opinions come in I may pass it around a little more and then decide what the next step should be.

I’d like to keep working on the different elements that will one day comprise a book proposal, but with my outline being the most essential part of that, I need to keep focused on it for now.

So that’s all the rational thought I have on the subject.

I’m definitely feeling a love-hate relationship with this story right now. I also feel like I’ve held myself back for so long that it’s, well, it’s starting to bother me.  Outlining is not really “writing” and I’d love to start writing some real passages. I’ve made a lot of progress but sometimes it’s hard to focus on that when you’re feeling like you still aren’t “there yet.” I’ll put the outline down for a few days, get some feedback and then try to make some final decisions. Gotta keep moving forward…


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