Tell the Truth But Don’t Be Boring

Today I wrote half a page of chapter four, a chapter I have written in the past, but it’s always felt like a difficult one. It’s definitely a difficult one for my main character. I don’t want to stay in the moments of this chapter for too long, but at the same time the fact that I don’t “like” what happens has made me want to spend more time on it. Otherwise, I’m afraid the scene won’t come out right.  If it comes out a half page at a time, so be it.

On the other hand I’m looking forward to the second half of the chapter, as well as the following two. Chapter five has never been written with the right actions in it, although it has been outlined and it’s sort of the same story for chapter six.

I’m including a link to a wonderful article on “Finding Your Voice.” It has a lot of different viewpoints and suggestions. All of which I enjoyed looking through. I definitely agreed with a couple of aspects, such as this is “Your View on the World,” and how you should “Find the Feeling” of your story. One aspect of the article that I don’t think works well for me is “write how you talk.” I write how I think. Some people record themselves and then type up what they record. I haven’t done this yet and until I do I don’t think I’ll be linking how I talk to how I write. For me, it’s more about personality, the various facets that make up a person that influence how they write. One other suggestion: “Don’t Write Like Someone Else,” is easier said than done, but I think after giving yourself space to continue writing and writing, outside influences melt away.

You can check out the article by clicking here:

Entertaining the reader was mentioned in this article as well and it reminded me of something Milos Forman (Director of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Amadeus and Man on the Moon)  said at my graduation ceremony last year. He was receiving an honorary doctorate from my school and he didn’t speak for very long. In fact, he only said a few sentences, the ending one of which I don’t think I’ll ever forget: Tell the truth, but don’t be boring.

I’m trying Mr. Forman.


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