Today is an Important Day

Well, sort of. I finished what I have been calling the first act of my book or the first 1/4. The second act will be the the next 1/2 with the third act being once again a 1/4, which will hopefully equal a whole book. It may be a little anal to dissect a book this way, but I think it’s just the screenwriter in me(screenwriting is quite militaristic). I don’t think it hurts any. In fact, it helps me see where the balance should be between plot points and such.

After previously writing myself into walls around chapter 5 and tossing a few chapter drafts into the garbage, it feels good to finish up through chapter 6. Finally. I made it this far. The plan now is to do an objective read through of those chapters and try to make some changes–at least one passage comes to mind that needs some more effort–before I try to rework a small outline for the next few chapters.

I’m not sure if there’s a missing chapter in my first act. I think this will come to me in revisions if that’s the case. Also, it occured to me that until I finish a full draft of this story, it still is in first draft form. Even though I’ve rewritten chapters it’s still in its “first draft.” For some reason, this makes me feel better. It makes me feel like a lot can still be done with it and feedback will be welcomed.

So mini accomplishment today. I feel a sense of happiness and dread. Happy with making it this far and for landing on a voice that feels like me, and despite that, dreadful that it won’t end up being “right.”

Happy Friday!


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