The Short Story Continues–

I have twelve pages completed and it feels like I’m about 60% done with the story. It’s pretty much writing itself, which is really great. I can’t wait to be done with an initial draft of it. That’s all on the writing front from me today.

Since we’ve switched gears for a moment, I’m including some articles on short story writing. For me, it’s always been the hardest part of being a writer, being able to write a successful short. In college it sometimes felt like pulling teeth to get one down on paper (another reason why I’m pleasantly surprised and enjoying the story I’m writing now). It’s definitely an art unto itself,  and it takes time to get a feel for it.

This is a great weblog on the subject:

Endings to avoid!! This one is kinda funny, but I mean, these endings happen–

How to write an original plot: This one is good to look over but it may lead to over-analyzing. Sometimes you can sit down and go through all your options or sometimes you should just write. Maybe after you finish a draft think about these options. I’ve definitely done both.


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