The Next Step

I finished my novelette on Friday. Its final word count for this first draft was between 12,000 and 13,000. This morning I took a half hour and typed up an outline of my story, which was easy to do because it’s written in a sectioned style. It was nice to be able to break down a story so easily. It is bare bones in some ways but it is also  down on paper. Immediately after doing this I had a few thoughts:

-How can I push the sci-fi elements?

-How can I refine the sci-fi elements?

-How can I make sure I’m using the sci-fi elements in the best ways possible?

-How can I create a more complete world?

My story had a strong psychological aspect to it by the end, but I tried to pull that back a little bit. Part of that though comes from the nature of my main character. His flaws and his voice change the way his stories are viewed. That being said, I think one more draft will do this story good and when I sit down to the revision I’m going to work on the questions mentioned above and also, think about how I handled the line between sci-fi thriller and psychological thriller.

More generally, I have to say this last week changed my perspective on my writing. I’d love to write another novelette and then another. It was fulfilling and it felt right. I also think that feedback will only help this story, as well as my writing in general, so I need to make that a priority. It’s easy to just let your writing stay close to you.

Also, side note: over the summer I’m planning to work on a little screenwriting. I want the formatting to stay fresh in my mind and I’m still trying to find my TV voice.

Lastly, I just started reading Lies, Inc. by Philip k. Dick, my month’s choice for the book club I’m in with my friends. It has a solid opening paragraph, don’t you think?– 

“The SubInfo computers owned by Lies Incorporated had been caught in an unnatural act by a service mechanic. SubInfo computer Five had transmitted information which was not a lie.”

Intriguing and it sets up an altered world in two sentences.   Nice.


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