Writing with Patience

I thought I’d finish up the one bit at the end of my novelette story that needs a little expanding this past weekend. An unexpected visitor came to town, which was great, but I had to cut off my weekend writing time. Each time I’ve sat down to work on it I’ve only edited a couple of sentences or added one or two more. I get the feeling that this last tiny bit needs a little extra care and energy. I wrote 98% of this story in six days and the last 2% is taking me longer.

Why is that?

This final section needed some new brain storming, which I have done, to flesh out some important past events that intertwine with the present. That’s what it is. My initial spark of an idea grew and grew up to this point, but then I had to take a moment and look at what I had uncovered. I had to take time to make sense of it all. My entire story’s ending depends on how I handle these last few passages. Just to clarify, I have an ending, but the specifics of it and how exactly it’s handled is what I’m wading through right now. That being said, it’s not like this section is a bigger deal than the rest of the story. Actually now that I say that I disagree with myself. Maybe this is harder because it’s the climax of the story, the final turning point before the very very end. Either way,  it’s just taking some extra thinking and I’ve been hard pressed to find the time for that.

That brings me to my theme for the day: writing takes patience.

I did have a talk the other day with a good friend where we also discussed the flip side: holding on to works for so long that you forget what your intent was with them in the beginning.

My goal now as a writer is to finish works and move forward, get the feedback I need, edit, and continue on. To me, that’s the only way I’ll really get somewhere. If I always keep my projects close to the chest then I’ll end up treading water. So, I’m trying to move forward. The two concepts, having patience and moving on, are just at odds right now.

I hope to have passed on my story for my first peer review by the end of this weekend.


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