Just in time for August

Arguably, I have a lot to accomplish in the month of August. Ever since I finished my Dexter spec and visited home, I haven’t been in my daily writing mindset: get up early, write in the AM, go to work, find a little time to blog, sometimes revisit my writing in the evening. I haven’t felt compelled to fall back into it for the last two weeks. I also have been busy with a film project. I’m assistant directing a short this weekend for a friend who is directing it. I enjoy doing hands-on film work from time to time, but it does take up a decent amount of creative energy.

Today was the first day I wanted to open up my writing. I went over my pilot idea and tried to re-write my outline. I didn’t finish though because I’m not quite at 100% and I ran out of energy. I need to assign my different plot lines with their A, B, C, D markers and right now, the story lines  kind of mush together. Meaning, I don’t know what letter to assign for every event. I’m not even sure what  each storyline’s letter should be. This is confusing because in screenwriting you need to know these kinds of specifics or else you can’t effectively build your story.  It won’t come out right. It won’t be precise enough. The arcs won’t end up curving in the right places. So, I’m working on de-tangling  it and deciding what the definitive storylines should be. Also, I’m still working out a few details about the town it’s set in, ironing out character identities and names, etc. I’m still excited about it though and I think it will be an appropriate sample, scratch that, it will be an awesome-ly entertaining sample of my work.

Fiction. My day actually began today with a short story idea waddling through my head. I was up in the storage room at work and as I walked back to my desk I knew I had to write this one down. I don’t know if it will be a great sample of anything, but with fiction, I don’t always make myself answer those kinds of questions in the same manner and way that I do for screenwriting. Fiction can be more organic in my mind. I can decide to work on whatever I feel compelled to work on.  I’ve been reading a lot, too much, trutv/crime/forensic type stories in my free time.  A certain amount is good, have to keep building my knowledge in case I ever get to write for a show that has a “procedural” crime case aspect to it. But, I’ve been reading so much that it’s permeated my creative thoughts. Now, I need an outlet. This short seems like it will be dramatic/gothic and sci-fi. It feels Poe-esq. Not sure if I want to break it out of that. We’ll see…is it my next novelette?

Too soon to say. I need a little more time with it.

Its first sentence: He has a short brick wall around his property.

Final thought: I need to start watching a TV show to spec. What should it be? Breaking Bad? Mad Men? Bones? I’m looking for an established currently-airing hour-long show, mainly dramatic with possible comedic opportunities, can have a sci-fi element, can be procedural but doesn’t have to be, nothing melodramatic (subjective I know) or heavily romance-based.


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