A Simple Update

I finished the Hunger Games around one AM last night in preparation for tonight’s book club meeting. Yes, I am in a book club with a group of my female friends.  I probably have mentioned this. We meet monthly, although I see a good chunk of them more frequently than that. Book club monthly assignments can feel like homework, especially during busy work weeks, which are most weeks. This past month, however, was a reminder why I stick with it, why I make time for it and why I enjoy it. The book for last month was the Hunger Games, a book that was given to me for my birthday this year. My friend Rebecca picked it out for me because she knows I dabble in YA literature, but that I also have trouble deciding if it’s what I’d like to be writing right now. Reading more helps with issues like that one.

But anyway, over the last few weeks I’ve felt distracted. In my free time I’ve only felt like watching TV reruns of shows I know I like and honestly, the thought of slowing down enough to read a book was very unappealing. I put off beginning the Hunger Games for so long I had to ask for an extension on our meeting and luckily, I was not alone. So, we postponed for another week and I finally made time to start reading.

It was tough, just picking up the book, lying down and opening the first page. It was also strange feeling this way, but with so many media outlets and so much to digest everyday, I guess it makes sense that it can be hard to slow down. I did though, I opened the book and it took about one minute for me to become engrossed in the story and in the act of reading. I really needed that. It’s refreshed my reading appetite. I will blog about the Hunger Games and the author Suzanne Collins after our meeting this evening. This post is simply to say that I’m so glad I made time to read this book.

Before I dive into the Hunger Games, I will give a simple writing update: I reread my novelette today. It is written with a science fiction lens with a late twenties male third person narrator. As I reread it I did realize that I like the voice. I could see myself in the words, especially in certain sections of it and that is a good thing. What I actually was less happy about was the overall plot arc. That’s why I haven’t quite finished it. I’m not in love with the final plot twists. But, I may just fix it up a bit and shop it around for some feedback. More so to get an idea of flow and voice and dialogue and what parts of the plot are most engaging, etc. I should do as much as I can with what I write, even if it doesn’t feel perfect, which it never will…

Also, I worked on my pilot for at least five minutes! And, well, I did come up with a new major element for it in those five minutes that it was missing. It’s about halfway outlined overall right now. I have a general idea for the final beats of the story, just need to flush out the second act.

That’s all for now. Looking forward to discussing the Hunger Games tonight at my meeting…


3 responses to “A Simple Update

  1. Hi Maggie! So happy to hear about your writing project. I’d always be interested in reading your work! And I will definitely be checking out your blog : )

    Hm, I would just say before you start writing the actual book that you would be in a pre-writing stage, perhaps a researching/brainstorming stage? Not sure I can think of another term for the idea though!

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