Let’s Get On With It!

This last month I haven’t been as in tune with a writing routine as I’d like to be. I have dusted off some old fiction and screenwriting projects basically to remind myself of what I have in the works and also to see how my writing looks to me. Recently, I wrote a first chapter to a screenwriting project of mine. The script story had a one act outline completed and ideas for the rest of the story written down in a confusing compilation of documents named all combinations of the following: techno-thriller, thriller, text, outline, story outline, story breakdown, sci-fi story, etc. It’s a good thing I date most documents in their titles, that helped me organize the files.

I have a lot of pieces of ideas, but the clearest project goals that I have right now pertain to my TV scripts:  Revise my Dexter spec, finish my pilot outline. I can do that over the weekend. I just have to make it a top priority. By the end of October I’d like to have received more feedback on a second draft of the Dexter spec. I’d like to be done with a draft of my pilot and I’d like to be working on a second spec. Fiction-wise, I’m more open because I don’t really need to write a certain thing when it comes to fiction. For now, I can just be open to inspiration and keep working on what feels ‘right.’

I was looking for some fun writing sites, like the ‘who do I write like’ website I posted a few weeks ago, but instead I came across a writing prompts page. It made me want to go on record saying, I’ve never particularly liked writing prompts. Period. Just don’t like ’em.

And here is an interesting list of fun facts about some noteworthy authors.


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