So Busy!

I’ve been sick. I’ve been apartment hunting. I’ve been attending work events. A lot of friends have fall birthdays. Just helped a friend move. Basically, fall has turned into a whirlwind. I finally settled on a new apartment yesterday and I’ll be moving the last weekend in November.  I’m moving to the West LA area, near UCLA, I wonder if, in the future, I’ll have the time or funds to take advantage of any of their writing programs…

I am excited to read a couple projects given to me by friends: one original pilot and one original screenplay. I want to send my second draft of my Dexter spec out, I just need to find time to go over it once more.

In the past couple weeks I wrote a two and a half page short story, about 1,100 words that I sent to two friends for feedback. I’ve been feeling more inspired by tangible life moments lately than the more fantastical side of my imagination. It’s all related, but it’s where I am right now.


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