The Novelette! (A Year Later)

Yes, it’s been about a year since I hammered out my sci-fi novelette. The very first draft was about 13,000 words and didn’t have a complete ending. After a few revisions I had to put it down while other projects took shape and my writing went in other directions.

After my blog post on Castle I was supposed to finish the spec before doing anything else, but a moment of inspiration changed that plan, slightly: missing pieces of this story’s puzzle came to me, and I had to go back to it.

In the last two weeks I have rewritten the story a couple times, cutting it down, reordering and condensing scenes, adding missing scenes, and changing the narrative psychic distance and voice.

My first draft laid out events as my narrator experienced them. We were, essentially, in the trenches with the main character, but the scope and implications of his actions didn’t seem to fit with such a close narration. Once I realized I could step back from him and comment on the world I’d created from a further distance, I actually realized that it brought me closer to my main character. I plan on finishing this new draft of this story with its complete ending and then receiving feedback on it.

Also, I plan to sit down and get through the Castle spec as soon as I can.


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