74th Annual Hunger Games Presents:

On this Halloween weekend, Effie (myself) and her tributes, Katniss and Peeta. Proud of them!

Why The Hunger Games? The Hunger Games is my favorite, current YA novel. Past favorites include The Redwall Series, Hatchet, Matilda, and at the top of the list: Ender’s Game.

My favorite aspect of The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, is the way the main character, Katniss, comes to view the world around her. She doesn’t just feel emotion, she learns how and why she must manipulate those feelings to succeed. Her life and her decisions are not cut and dry, nor easy. She doesn’t profess to understand love; instead she uses the public’s perception of romance and how they believe she should be feeling and thinking, to help her live to see another day. Her life is strategy and survival in a world that pays to see her suffer. To read more on why I enjoyed this book and to learn more about the author, Suzanne Collins, you can check out a past blog post on the subject by clicking here.

If you are a Hunger Games fan, I have exciting news for you: My friends at Fanboy Comics have taken on a huge project. They are writing, recording, and editing their own audio drama interpretation of The Hunger Games. The audio drama will be released in episodes leading up to the movie adaptation’s release next spring. To stay in the loop on this project, you can follow “The Katniss Chronicles” on facebook.

Lastly, Happy Halloween!

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