Time to Pick Up the Pace

November seems to be an inspirational month for writers. I’ve heard of a challenge to write a novel in a month. I saw a once-a-year blog competition to query a log line and the first 250 words of a manuscript for agents to bid over. I also just read a feature script that a friend sent to me, and I participated in a blog competition myself. I placed second in that competition, which was really great. All of this has me mulling over the roll writing has had in my daily life over the last couple months. I’ve worked on several projects, but all I want to do right now is focus (focus, focus, focus) on 1 or 2 and really push to make progress on those projects only. I know which projects I want to dive into and finish, and which projects I really should let sit for now (even though it can be hard for me to do so).

Alright November, you may have Thanksgiving, my move to a new apartment and many other events already planned in, but I’m ready to organize my thoughts and my inspirations, and to write.

Also, check out this random log line generator, zombie edition!


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