RE: The Sorter’s Mistake

Just a quick update on my YA Novel. I rewrote and finished a draft of Chapter 5 that feels very “right,” and I have a plan for chapter 6. I’m also working on rewriting my full outline, now that the story has formed more fully in my head. I’m definitely excited. Being a techno-fantasy, this story is complicated and developing the complete plot, characters, and world has been, and continues to be, quite the journey. The more I work on it, the better the pieces fit together and the more I look forward to writing future chapters.


2 responses to “RE: The Sorter’s Mistake

  1. I recently had a conversation with a best selling author who told me NOT to write like this… He said to get your whole story down… just write it… and go back and edit it later. He said your story will flow better, and evolve more naturally that way. Good luck!

  2. Oh sure, I don’t disagree with that. That’s how I’ve written in the past. With this story, it’s a little complicated because I just had to put it down a while back, but now that I’m picking it back up, I plan to put my focus and energy on it…if I don’t let life get in the way….thanks for reading and for the comment!

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