Oh well, I’ll Just Keep Writing

Before the holidays I received positive and helpful feedback on the first four chapters of my YA novel. I have since (almost) completed up through Chapter 8. I consider Chapter 8 the bridge chapter between Act 1 and Act 2 of my story. I plan to send the 8 chapters out for feedback once I get them finished up. This particular project could use WIP critique and I’m very thankful that I have a writing base in which to exchange such work.

I would already be done with those first eight chapters, however, if I hadn’t jumped back to a project from last year. I try to push through one project at a time, but sometimes I have to jump around. This is just how my brain works. I write consistently and that is truly what matters. But, I have to follow my passions. If I’m pulled towards one project, I need to give it my attention. Otherwise, I can’t focus on the other project properly anyway.

Since the holidays, I have been spending a hefty amount of my writing time on my novelette. The novelette is science fiction and it is not YA. I wrote its first draft very quickly and that first draft really read like word vomit. But I knew then that it was an important story for myself, and I knew I would rewrite it and continue working on it when I had the energy. I had to put it down for almost a year before I really felt like I could rewrite it. Redrafting it with renewed energy has felt great these last few weeks. Also, it’s still clinging to its “novelette” title, but barely, and only time will tell if it will end up a novella.

My brother’s music has had a huge impact on my novelette as well. For anyone who doesn’t know, my brother is a musician and he writes music in his free time. For some wonderful reason his music resonates with my writing, especially this novelette. He typically writes electronic music and some of his songs have a natural futuristic and epic quality. He also once sent me a cover of the theme to Requiem for a Dream that he composed by ear and it’s beautiful. I only wish I had more music from him, but he knows that. No matter where I am, I can listen to one of his songs and jump right back into this story.

I now have a revised plan to get feedback on draft 2 of the novelette, then keep working on the YA novel, then receive feedback on the novelette and at that point, I will send the YA novel out again.

And I can’t ignore the fact that it is just about Springtime and Springtime is SPEC time.

Sigh. If only there were more hours in a day! Oh well. I’ll just keep writing.

And here’s a photo I snapped of my lovely book club. We are missing a handful of members here, but at least Phoebe the cat made an appearance!


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