Kurt Vonnegut Says

“Those who live by electronics, die by electronics. Sic semper tyrannis.” – Player Piano

While in bed, I came across a tweet from a friend that read, “No! Go to sleep. Stop reading the internet on your phone. It’s OK, it will still be there in the morning!”

…Yes it will.

I’ve put down my science fiction novel after making a lot of progress on it. I modified my goals that I had set forth a few weeks ago and I’m in pretty good shape. I did want to send out the science fiction story and then the YA novel and then work on my screenwriting. Well, that was just slightly over-ambitious. Instead, I made headway on the science fiction novel, including the fact that I decided it is indeed a novel. Because of this, it needs more time before feedback will be helpful. I can tell.

But I have reached goal #2 and I sent out the next four chapters (chapters 4-8) of my YA novel to my writer friends who received the first four last time.

Now, I’m going to revisit my pilot for a few days, and it’s time to pencil in the time to spec. Pretty sure I’ve decided on the show though, which is part of the battle.


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