Happy Fall! & How I Made My Meredith Vickers Costume


With Halloween just behind us, I decided I might as well do a blog post on this year’s Halloween costume. I decided over the summer that I wanted to make the uniform Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) wears in the movie Prometheus. The cinematography and the costuming were two impressive elements in that movie, and the uniform stuck with me after I saw it in theaters. Let me say up front, this project ended up a bit more labor intensive than I thought it would be, and this was certainly the biggest Halloween costume challenge I’ve taken on. A further out second, would be the Dexter victim costume I made two years ago. Overall though, I’m glad I took on the challenge.

Materials I needed:

Two body suits, one black, one blue. They are available at Amazon.com. These items were really the only pieces of the costume that were inflexible. I could not conceive how to build this costume without them. For starters, I wore the blue one and had a friend draw the pattern of her uniform with a silver marker onto me. (Yes, I have great friends) Then, I took it off and cut out the pattern. I wore the black body suit under the blue one and that is how I made the pattern. For the blue crescent shape on her rib cage I did have to sew an additional piece to the black body suit (while wearing it); otherwise the cut out pattern would not stay up. That, combined with the belt and I had the basic shape done.

Orange parachute cording, available at Michaels craft stores. Creating the orange pattern was probably the most labor intensive part of this process. I cut up the cording and hand sewed it into the basic pattern of her uniform. I had to take measurements to ensure it would fit my body correctly (which it basically did although I had to safety pin and hand sew in a couple places the day of).

Two kinds of orange thread, a black belt, scissors, black permanent marker, black spray paint, any color fabric, a zipper, orange felt and snow boots. I already owned some thread, a black belt, scissors, a permanent marker, a zipper and snow boots so I used what I had and went from there. I went to a Good Will store to see what they had and I stumbled across a child size Mr. Incredible Halloween costume. I bought it, cut the top stuffed part off, spray painted it black for the shoulder piece. I then added the straps with felt that I sewed to it. I sewed the X pattern and then simply drew on the fabric with a permanent marker to mimic the look. I also sewed in a new zipper to the back, as it became too stiff to use after it was spray painted.

I also used fabric I already had lying around and hand sewed two pouches for the belt. After I sewed them, I cut them to fit the belt and then spray painted them black with the extra spray paint. That was more economical than buying a tool belt. Also, the pouches were quite handy for my keys, license and cell phone for the evening!

I suppose that’s about it! When it comes to taking on a challenge and tapping into your crafty side, the most important thing is, just, use your imagination! I combined what I had with some store bought essential pieces and well, I think it worked out.

Halfway done:

And, I did want one more thing to finish off the costume. I tried a Petco and looked for a plastic or glass fish bowl to hold at my side as a helmet, but their only options were too small. I thought about purchasing or making wrist guards/gloves, but to achieve the right look I decided I’d have to invest in expensive gear. So, I ended up going with a run-of-the-mill blonde wig. I had to tame it down into a pony tail, but it worked out!

Final look:

Do I really have the time to craft and hand sew something like this? Well, sure, if I want to! While I was sitting quietly, sewing, I had a break through idea to finish off the last draft of my novelette. Sometimes, when we make time to just let our minds and imaginations be, the best ideas come out of nowhere.

Happy Halloween!


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