I have, yet again, started to receive feedback on my novelette. It needs a little more work, and I have accepted that. The more insight I receive before I make changes, the better. I have already received feedback from a new writing colleague. He and I met at a Hollywood assistants networking event. We exchanged cards, we met for drinks, we exchanged writing. He sent me a feature script, I sent him my novelette, since that is the project I am actively writing at the moment.

His feedback has some great notes, suggestions and thoughts, but in addition, he took the time to offer me encouragement. I have been working on this story for a year and a half. I have faced rejection in other forms in regards to other projects and I have not yet sold this story. But, it sure is nice to hear something like this from a writing peer:

First off, I want to say that my hat is off to you. You’re writing long form fiction and that alone is cause for celebration. The fact that you do it with style and not an inconsiderable amount of confidence puts most of us dilettantes to shame. On most days, I’m just happy if I’m writing sweet natterings in a journal entry, but you’ve gone ahead and become a fully-fledged short story writer… darn Ellen, you make the rest of us look bad.

So all that’s to say that you have a mature style in a very commercial genre and that if you keep putting your material out for reading, you are going to find success. Brandish that prose sword and go slay us some story dragons pronto!


Again, many thanks for letting me read the story and if you have anything else please shoot it my way. Hope you had a lovely weekend and keep on writing. I know that you’ve definitely inspired me with this piece.

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