Writing Updates, Reviews, Food Blogging, Web Series’ing and More

Alright, so I haven’t been as active on here as I could be, but per usual, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been creating, writing and working hard! Since last year, I’ve teamed up with a writing partner. This past Spring we spec’ed a Nick show called Supah Ninjas and the hour long ABC drama Once Upon a Time.  We also finished a draft of an hour long original pilot.

I’ve also been working on a web series called Drunk Literature with my friend Megan. It’s a series just for fun, created because we love books and we want to talk about them…with our friends…while they drink…then we illustrate the result.

So far we’ve done:

The Sookie Stackhouse Novels (the book series HBO’s True Blood is based on)

The Catcher in the Rye


Don Quixote

We’ve even been featured on Book Riot. And this Italian Magazine.

I have been reviewing bi-weekly over at Fanboycomics.net, and I may repost some of those reviews here since I have done so in the past.

Lastly (I think) I am a monthly food blogger for Garlic, My Soul. My articles and recipes are Paleo, health-conscious and tasty!

I also have some fiction projects in the works (also, per usual), and I’m still using this blog as a space to talk about them and whatever else I’m working on.

Thanks for reading : )

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